Thursday, March 21, 2013

February moments and must-haves

 February came and grow so much in the 1st year of life. It truly amazes me. I really enjoyed the 4 month old stage.
 week of Valentine's
Jonah hit a lot of milestone's this month.
 He started rolling from his back to his belly so I knew it was time to stop swaddling him and start using a sleep sack.
He also moved to his crib. I was on the fence about this. Everyone kept asking me when he would move to his crib. We had him in a pack and play in our room, It is much easier to tend to his needs when I could hear him from an arm's reach. So I said I'd try it to see how he did. He did great. He slept pretty well. He pretty much would sleep any where between 7-10.5 hours a night. He still has times where he wakes up in the night. I just feel that everyone wants babies to grow up so fast. He is only 4 months old! For now he is in his crib and doing well.

He has outgrown all other bath towels and my friend Melissa got him this! So cute!

A girl from work told me about the Summer Infant Super Seat. We work with babies from birth-3. I knew she knew what to get! She is a physical therapist and she approves! It is a 3 in one seat. J loves it! I use much more than the bumbo.
He started feeling faces.

He started eating his toes or as like to call it, cleaning his toe jam! He also loves to scratch everything. That is how I hear him in the mornings. He scratches the sheets. I can't keep socks on him because he pulls them off.
He is such a joy!

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