Sunday, March 17, 2013

food for finance: weight watchers update week 7

I am doing a horrible job at updating my progress. I started weight watchers 7 weeks ago to lose my Jonah weight.
Week 6-lost 4.5 lbs (way to much to lose in a week)
Total lost=10 pounds
current weight 142
Week 7-gained 2 lbs (wanted to make sure I didn't lose too I gained!)
Total lost=8 lbs
Current weight 144
Goal weight by week 12=140 lbs.
final goal weight=129 lbs by July 2013.
For 2 of my weigh-ins I have gained. I'm ok with that because it just happens.
I love to use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat more. I do get 14 extra points a day. Since I can't run with a broken toe, I like to call breastfeeding my new form of working out! ha! No really, I started running again on Friday.
AHHH I still have 15 pounds to lose. I can do this!

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