Saturday, March 9, 2013

my funny valentine

Every year, Kyle and I make each other a Valentine card. Last year it was baby themed.  The year before that it was debt-free themed. And this year it was Jonah themed! I got my idea off pinterest.
I know that J will hate me for this one day.
But he is so cute! He will get over it. It will build character. Plus, he is a baby. And babies get their picture taken in all kind of cute ways! Sorry Jonah...but this can go in your senior yearbook. It will be a hit in 18 years! Jonah made a great card. My best one yet.
I had my mom put on lip stick and kiss him all over. She didn't mind. I snuck in some kisses too. He had to go directly to the bath tub after his photo shoot.
Kyle went even bigger this year for my card. He had a poster board of the past year of my pregnancy. Then of our love child! So sweet!
He then made me my Valentine's pizza. yummy!
I love traditions!

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