Thursday, March 21, 2013

food for finance: week 8 WW weigh-in

Yet another week of weight gain! Last week I gained 2 pounds. This is frustrating! I have not really tracked my points as I should, however I know I am not eating that much to gain weight.
last week weigh in: 144
current weight: 145.5
goal weight in 4 weeks: 140
The only thing I can think of is that Jonah is not nursing as much. He is sleeping through the night so there goes one feeding. I get 14 extra points for breast feeding since he is still not on solid foods.
I will only get 7 extra points when he does start solids. So I made the decision to go ahead and take 7 points away even though J is still only exclusively breastfed. I think skipping the middle of the night nursing is where the weight gain is.
So now instead of 40 total points, I am going to get 33. Thant SUCKS but I got to to something! Breast feeding makes me hungry!!
Hopefully this will fix the problem!

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