Monday, January 10, 2011

christmas time is here

"...happiness and cheer!
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of year."
-A Charlie Brown Christmas

I love spending time with family and friends.
My friend Randi usually kicks off the Christmas season with her famous Rumball fest.
Randi (the queen of rumballs) and John.  

Randi's little one.  She is already posing!  She is such a pretty baby!

Steph, Cindy, Amy, me, and Randi guarding the rumball table. Randi's rumballs are amazing! Kyle and I had to leave early as we were running the St. Jude half-marathon the very next morning.
Sad we had to leave the party early.

Next up, girls shopping trip to...wait for it...

Union City, Tn! Most people travel to big towns to Christmas shop but not us! This all started back when my Meme was alive.  At the time, I didn't go (either I was in college or had to work). They'd go to Halls, TN to a tea room, then shop in Dyersburg, then to Decor Direct in Union City.  I honestly don't care where we go. It's just fun to spend time with my mom, Aunt Rita, and Aunt Connie and whoever else goes! Our picture was taken a cute little coffee shop in Dyersburg on the way home.

Another girls night: Secret Sushi Santa

This all started after we all went to Europe together.  Traveling to Europe bonded us for life! Lots of ups and downs but mostly ups!  After that trip, we decided to draw names at Christmas and eat at our
favorite local sushi place, Do (pronounced like the female deer).
 The BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) roll is my favorite!

And John always crashes our party! He just wants to be one of the girls!

me, Cindy B., Steph, Lisa, Betsy, Cindy C. after a fun night!

Time for the fun family photos!
On to the Dunagan Christmas. It's always held on Christmas Eve.

me, Daisy, and cousin Lyle
My parents. My dad was very sick that night. But he made it!

fun times at Aunt Rita's!

Let the fun begin, Aiden and Caleb have arrived!

We're playing dirty santa! And it is always dirty and ruthless!

Christy, Uncle Dennis, and Brett

my cousins. We took this picture 15 times. Sorry Lyle, this was the best one. Way to make a crazy face!

Aiden opening presents!

 Christmas day we spend at the McCoy's
I wanted to do a prom pose!

My in-laws

Mimi and Leah

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care... hopes that wine would be in there?! Mimi and her wine!

The day after Christmas.  More family time!
Josh and Leah

Brent and Meredith

I made a friend! Thade!

Lots of Christmas food and fun!

And one more Christmas...with my mom and dad the day before New Years Eve
Kyle got Mississippi State grilling gear!

I am set with a MSU purse. My mother-in-law will be proud!
New Years was spent at home. I was sick so Kyle and I played Monopoly and watched the ball drop. Nice to stay in, but not nice to be sick. I paid a visit to the minor med New Years Day.
However, we had a blessed year!. I'm very thankful for my family, friends, dogs, my job, and my health!

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