Sunday, October 30, 2011

september in starkville

I felt like I didn't see Kyle much in September. With his part time job 2 nights a week and me being a football widow at times, we have to make the most out of our time together. Oh it gets better.  He went to Dallas for 3 days (Sept 21-23). So on Tuesday night he had trivia (part-time job), early Wednesday morning he flew to Dallas, Friday at 11pm he got back. Then early Saturday we left for Starville for some football or as I call it tailgating and eating lots of food. I'm tired again from typing that.

This was my 1st home game of the season. Louisiana Tech played Mississippi State and they barley over time.

Ryan and Kyle (and coach Dan in the middle). College roommates.

We stayed the night in Starkville and ate breakfast at City Bagel. It is a quaint spot in Starville and they serve some mean bagels. Yummy! Then we drove home and cooked out with my parents. Finally, I got to see my hubby all weekend!

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