Friday, October 28, 2011

the september saga

For some reason, September was such a busy month for us! Kyle went down to Starkville for the Mississippi State vs Louisiana State football game on Thursday (the weekend of Sept 16). Of course I have no pictures from the game! He took off on Friday since it was a Thursday night game. On Friday, he went to his hometown to his high school homecoming football game to see some old friends.

I stayed in town because I had big plans!

On Friday, I parked my jeep at work and I saw this piece of sod at a parking meter.

I was really confused. Why were they sodding the concrete? That makes no sense. Do these men not know that you need to have dirt to grow grass.

Oh, it was Park(ing) Day! Who knew?! Basically it is a day where parking meters are turned into temporary parks. It was fun to watch the parks construct from my window all morning.

Jen and I walked around and saw some of the parks. Look--a bison in the street! You know Shelby Farms had to have a parking spot!

I decided to go camping at mud island park!

Not sure what this was but they took old tires and made them into see-saws. All my UT-Martin ADPi's...this reminds me of teeter-totter!

The Memphis Roller Derby was right under my window. We didn't get to look at all the parks but next year I hope to spend more time at them. And not get caught off guard by men laying sod at a meter.

Then, Jen and I went to Harbor town for mani/pedis for my belated birthday present! Very relaxing! Thanks Jen!

Saturday was the annual Women run/walk 5k hosted by the Memphis Runners Track Club. It is a 10 week program for beginner walkers to advanced runners. I did the advance class with Danielle, my director at work. Also, my manager Sheila completed the walk along with our other manager Jill.
Danielle had a PR (personal record) and won 2nd in her age group for the runners. Jill won 2nd in her age group for the walkers! Sheila completed her 1st 5k. Good job girls!!

April and I before the race!
This is such an encouraging program to be a part of. I highly recommend you do this if you live in Memphis! It is held the same time every year. 

Then I joined some of my bible study girls and hung out at the Cooper Young Festival. Don't you love our cool sun glasses thanks to Comcast?!

I had such a fun, busy weekend. I think my favorite part was the 5k. All the women that completed the 5k reached a goal. Whether it was to finish or to beat their previous time. I love to see people do more than they think they can do. There were women of all shapes and sizes and all different paces. We supported each other to keep it up and get healthy! We did it!

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