Sunday, October 23, 2011

football widow

The 2nd weekend in September Kyle got last minute tickets to see Mississippi State play at Auburn. Kyle and his friend Jeff drove to Rosewell (outside Altanta) to stay with Tony (a family friend). 
View from their seats.

 Tony, Kyle, and Jeff at Toomer's corner. This is the tree that the crazy Bama fan tried to kill. So glad that Tony is a picture taker!!!

Question-what was your favorite memory of your trip?  

Kyle-"the war eagle smashed into the sky box. I think he got confused and saw his reflection and BAM! It is an Auburn tradition to have the eagle fly around the stadium before the game. He is ok, but I really felt bad for the poor guy."

Kyle-"I also enjoyed my breakfast I had at the Mancuso Bed and Breakfast. (we call Tony's house that!) It was so good-real bacon and an omelet biscuit."

I call myself a football widow. But it is really not that bad. I really enjoy going to the games, mostly to eat at the tailgates. The food is amazing! I could have a husband who loves to hunt and I surely would not be going with Kyle to do that. There is no food at the deer stand and no talking. I would not survive! So I am thankful for his love of football and that it is such a family event. We get to see his family AND eat. What more could I ask for? I am glad I enjoy his past time!

I had great weekend myself-my parents and I went to the Drive-In! Brings back memories of when I was a kid! Then I ran a 10k. Fun times!

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