Saturday, October 1, 2011

maybe it was memphis

Football has begun. Well, a month ago it did. So I'm a month behind. Who's keeping tabs? Kyle and I went to the Memphis State (I'm old school and won't call it the University of Memphis) vs Mississippi State game at the Liberty Bowl. It was a Thursday night and after work, we joined my cousin Brett's tailgate. Maybe it's just in Memphis, but I got some really interesting pictures!

I hate I did not get a side view of this El Camino.  

 This was my 2nd favorite picture: a tiger peeing (blue pee) on a bulldog and the very loud cowbell.

We met up with Jen and Leon. Jen and I found Susan (on the right) and crashed her tailgate. She works with us. 

My favorite picture. These guys love their coach. Mullets for Mullen. I had to snag them for a picture. However, I did not see them at the last Mississippi State home game I went to. 

And and my football obsessed husband! He asked why I was wearing blue. I wore a teal, blue shirt, a Mississippi State bracelet, and a Mississippi State sticker. I was a confused fan. I cheered for both teams. Let's face it, we all know how bad Memphis is. They needed some fans!

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