Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the gift that keeps on giving

Last Saturday, my college sorority sisters had our annual regifting party.  It is such a fun time! If you want to read all the rules, read my post from last years regifting party. We started off the day by eating lunch at Las Delicias. They have the best authentic Mexican food anywhere!!!

Then we went to Fergie's house for the party! Stewy brought these cupcakes from Jackson, TN from a cupcake place called Hali Hannigan's. See that peanut butter chocolate cupcake on the left? YUP, that was MINE! I wanted to try them all but I refrained. My common sense kicked in....barely!

Cindy's regift was pharmacy health fair swag. REALLY Cindy?! You had to have gotten something you could part with! 

Her bag of health fair flair even came with a book light. 

I promised I would not tell who brought this (protecting the innocent). But I will say the penguin that pooped out raisins was pretty funny.

I forgot who brought this but I have a close up later in this post.

Booner got a real cubic zirconium necklace and earrings to match!

Stewy really needed this bird! Who wouldn't?!

Back to Cindy's gift. Now lets talk about this. A panda and an owl Christmas something (I could never figure out what it was). WHAT? The AOPi's and Chi O's busted our ADPi party!!!

I did leave out a few gifts that will remain a secret....BRANDY! I am wearing the shawl that will soon have a new owner, Kristy Krotzer, once I deliver it to her. We had the best time. I look forward to this every year. We missed those of you that could not make it. I can't wait until the 50th anniversary celebration for ADPi at UTM in April! Get ready girls!!! OBIC!

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