Saturday, December 8, 2012

jonah flashback (hospital to home)

I can't believe I am typing the word has only been 2 months! But then I feel like...WOW, he is 2 months old, where has the time gone?? Before I know it, he'll be in high school!

During the 1st 4 weeks, I didn't get that much sleep and I forgot to post some hospital pictures of Jonah! So here is day 2 & 3 of Jonah in the hospital.

I always said I'd never send my child to the nursery. Well I was wrong. If he was in the room, I'd just stare at him and make sure he was breathing! So I sent him and had them bring him to me when he was hungry. I woke up ever 2 hours and called for him! So at least I got some sleep....

The next day they came to do newborn pictures.

This is Jonah in Kyle's going home outfit from 30 years ago. So sweet!

Kyle getting some skin-to-skin time in.

changing the diaper

Jonah passed his hearing test

Dr. Stiles seeing Jonah.

How cute is our door sign! Dr. Stiles liked the whales...she said "oh I get it!"


I got the whale off etsy for people to sign when they met Jonah.

Jonah's stats.

I sent him off to the nursery again...but this time when I woke up, I made myself not call for him. And then, 3 minutes later, his nurse brought him in because he was hungry. I know my son well!

Time to go home!!!
I felt good enough to put make-up on for the ride home. We didn't end up leaving until 6pm the next day due to some mix up with the doctors. But hey, I used my time wisely. I got to see the lactation consultant again to make sure feeding was going ok.

My sweet pea.

daddy is happy!

Off we went...

My mom and MIL were great to us! I didn't do laundry or cook for 4 weeks! I bonded with my little one and fed him. I am already forgetting about those sleepless nights!

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