Monday, December 31, 2012

shop til ya drop

I'm not a huge fan of shopping. I mean I like it but I don't like it because I shop on a budget. Once we pay off our house and have no debt, then I will LOVE it! But that will be a while from now. One thing I do love is our annual family girls shopping trip. We do it the 1st Monday in December. They started it when my Meme was alive and have kept on doing it. We used to do small town shopping near my college but a lot of the shops closed due to the economy. This year they came to me! It worked out great since I had a 2 month old. Plus they got to see him. My MIL came down to keep him for the day.

My aunts showed up to my house looking like this!
For the past few years, I've been to a tacky sweater party. I always call my aunts to get those. They are good sports about it. I needed them this year for a 5k I was doing. They were being silly...and didn't wear this shopping but wanted to make a statement! ha! They don't wear them anymore but they kept them. Which makes me wonder....haha! I LOST it laughing when they walked in the door! Love my family!

I hate I didn't get a picture of all of us (my mom and Aunt Vicky).

My MIL played dress up with Jonah all day.

I love technology these days. I kept getting texts of my cute little boy while we shopped.

It was a fun day. So glad we didn't go 3 hours away this year. I am still nursing Jonah and I went to pump at lunch and guess what? I forgot a part of the pump and had to go home. to see Jonah! So I pumped real fast then headed back out to meet the family. We had so much fun and I am so glad we still do this.

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