Tuesday, December 11, 2012

road trippin' & tailgatin' (1st of many)

We had our 1st road trip with Jonah. It was an adventure for sure. We went to Meridian (about 4 hours away) so that Jonah could meet his great-grandmother aka Mimi. He was only 6 1/2 weeks old. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving so I guess you could say this was our Thanksgiving with Kyle's side of the family. We flip-flop years and this year it was my family's turn to see us Thanksgiving. 

We didn't end up leaving until 6pm. We stopped to eat along the way. Jonah slept through that. We then stopped about half way to change Jonah and feed him. Again, he was wonderful. When we were about 1 hour away, we got behind an over sized load. And when I say over sized...I mean that it took over 2 lanes. It was HUGE! We just knew they'd stopped to let us by. After going 10 mph for 1 1/2 hours, they decided to. Again, Jonah did GREAT! A 4 hour trip took us about 6 1/2 hours. Finally we got in around 12:30am.

The next day was the day to meet Mimi. I talk about her a lot on here. She is so funny. She came in the door and said, "hey, you see my Cadillac?" That is what she calls her walker since it has breaks and a seat on it.

4 generations

Mimi's 3rd great-grandchild and 2nd great-grandson

Great, great aunt Eloise.

Jonah chilling....

That night we left for Starkville. Mississippi State played Arkansas and it was Kyle's 1st game of the season. He was beyond thrilled to go to a game. The game was at 11am. Me, my MIL, and Jonah joined the fun after the game was over. We went to tailgate, the most important part!

Jonah being brainwashed! ha! I kid!

Big moment for Kyle. Jonah's 1st tailgate and 1st time to MSU.
Jonah slept the whole time. He was a trooper!

The grandparents babysat while Kyle and I had a date that night. We left the next morning to head back home. Our 1st roadtrip was a success!

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