Wednesday, December 19, 2012

mother's room

As I mentioned in my last post, we had to leave the church service early so I could nurse Jonah. When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I knew it could be was! I won't go into details just yet but let me say that I can't believe I made it! I know everyone can have different experiences but that 1st month was a doosy.

Anyway, I noticed when I was pregnant that my church had a Mother's room. I see nothing wrong breastfeeding in public with a nursing cover (honestly I'd be fine if I saw someone without one) but our society is still getting used to it. I'll talk about that later. Since breastfeeding is becoming more common with working moms, a lot of businesses have a Mother's room. If you go to Babies R Us, they have one there too (I've pumped there!)

I've seen a mom breastfeed her baby in church with a nursing cover and I am not that brave yet. So Kyle and I headed to the Mother's room.

I was excited to use it!

It came with a glider, boppy, bathroom, and....

a t.v. to watch the sermon!
The curtain is there so if someone walks in, they have another barrier since there is no lock on the door.

Kyle wanted to try out the glider. We all looked so tired!

But not this guy! He is as happy as he can be. Just feed him!

Now that I am a nursing mom, I am on the lookout for places that have a mother's room. Not many do but kudos for the places have them.


  1. So nice that your church has this!

    I was at a Belk's in Myrtle Beach and they had a room for Mother's. It was so nice too! Haven't looked to see if the ones here have one or not.

    I've fed Jack in a Target changing room too, which isn't as fun as a "Nursing room".

    1. i think more places are getting them...esp since it's a federal law that work places must provide a place now. i'll have to check out the belks in meridian and see if they have one! good to know! somehow my pics went away on this post, but i got them back!!