Sunday, December 30, 2012

my non-half marathon

Ever since 2006, I've ran either the St. Jude half marathon or full marathon. This year I had a special reason to not run. I had just given birth to Jonah!! That was a marathon in itself. Whew! The race was on Dec 1st so Jonah was 2 months old. Kyle ended up getting a race number 4 weeks before the race. I told him that would be plenty of time to train since he'd kinda been running. So he did it!

This was my 1st time to cheer and it was fun! We cheered for Kyle in 3 different spots. It was a cheer leading marathon! My MIL was in town so she kept Jonah so I could cheer for Kyle.

Kyle is in the back with the white hat on waving his hands. That is the best picture I got. A lot of people kept tripping over the trolley tracks so we'd say "don't trip!" We were all drinking sodas in a koozie and people thought we were drinking beer. At 8am? No thanks!

Good job marathon and half marathon runners. Hopefully I'll be back at it next year! 

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