Sunday, August 12, 2012

reveal party: It's a McBOY!

My goal is to get caught up on blogging before the baby gets here. I am just now in May. I think I have an unrealistic goal!

So, at the beginning of May, we had the 20 week ultra sound to find out the gender (and check on all of the baby's other parts).

On Thursday, we went to our appointment and told the tech we did not want to know the gender. After our visit, I called my friend Kristy and gave the phone to the tech. The tech told her it was a boy. Of course Kyle and I left the room and did not know! I made Kristy promise that she would not tell a soul! We all had to find out together. Kristy then called her cake friend and she whipped up an amazing cake. The party was the next night. AND...I had the results in an envelope. It sat on the table and I did not have the urge to peek!

Kyle and I were getting ready for the party and I asked what color he was wearing. He came out in a pink shirt so I wore blue. That way one of us would win! I really think he thought we were having a girl. I had a feeling it would be a boy.

It was such a cute BEE theme!

Kristy-the main hostess with the mostest!

She was the only one that knew of the BUZZ!

The cutest cake!

Cute decor!

Kyle calls this the power pic-the 3 most imporant women in his life!

April and Nathan-about to be newlyweds!

My parents-they are overjoyed. And that is an understatement.

Soon to be great aunts to a new baby! Aunt Rita and Aunt Connie

My friend Jen is an amazing cook. How cute is the baby fruit?!

Sloane and Greg

Everyone eating, waiting for the reveal.

Work friends-April and Jen

Lisa, Cindy, Nathan, April

My family!

I will cut you!

Posing for the fake pictures. It's like our wedding day all over again!


So..before Kyle and I saw the color of the cake, my mom shouted out "IT'S A BOY"! This picture is her in action! She is beyond excited.


I was in shock! Even though I had a hunch. All these things went through my head like I don't have to worry about drama but I do have to worry about football injuries. much!!!!

I love this pic!

More of my mom super excited!


I brought the ultra sound to see. I thought it'd be a body shot showing either the part or non-part.

But then I realized they ZOOMED in on my poor boy's part! He was exposed! Kyle got his leg confused with his part!!

Proud parents!

everyone excited!

My MIL got me the cutest necklace!


Sweet hug from mom. She is overjoyed!

The husbands hanging out.

Some of my great friends!-Cindy, Betsy, Shelly, Emily.

Cindy, Lisa, Steph (she was preggers too but not many knew...I did!) and me!

I won!

My exposed boy!

We got some prizes from Aunt Keke!

Such a fun night with family and friends. I can't wait to see what's in store for McBoy! YIKES!

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  1. I loved how you found out together! That cake is simply adorable!!