Monday, March 3, 2014

february fun

I am caught up on blogging! Not sure when this will happen again! But I will take it! 
Jonah turned 16 months old. 

Quinn and Jonah playing. We had the Perry's over to eat and the kids had fun.

Look at my sweet Valentine! 
I have 3 Valentines! Kyle, Jonah and peanut!

I'm 37 weeks pregnant with peanut. I'm not a fan of how I look but I really want to document this pregnancy too. I have high amniotic fluid so my poor uterus is pressing against my lungs and it makes it harder to breathe. But I'm making it! 

We had our annual homemade pizza for Valentine's dinner and our homemade cards. We don't do presents however, my friend called me and said that Bargain Hunt had a double  B.O.B stroller (the stroller of all strollers) on sale. Kyle went on his way home to get it! Happy Valentine's to us! 

Yay! Lisa is home from spending over a year in England. She is pregnant too! And we both have on strips. We embrace it!

the Memphis family. 
We got together to celebrate the Shivers coming home from England, Kyle, Ray, and Emily's bday, and peanut's soon to be here arrival!
They are so sweet and got us a lot of diapers and wipes! We are set!

The stages of pregnancy: we are all within 3 months of each other. I'm due March 3, Lisa is due in June, and Steph in August!

a day shy of 39 weeks...
Large and NOT in charge! But Jonah loved the wagon!

our last days as a family of 3!

Some pictures throughout the month. This month Jonah learned/loved to:
Open and close the kitchen cabinets
shake his head no
became a pro at pushing his cars
loves books
got his 8th tooth
got his 3rd (real) haircut

Jonah had a fever and so we cuddled. 

My sweet boy after church on ground hog day. 

DJ Jonah in the house!

At the church nursery

having fun at SAMs with daddy's Financial Peace Badge. Dave Ramsey folllower in the making.

Watching daddy doing kitchen stuff. 

39 weeks and Jonah playing cars on peanut! And I'm too big for my maternity clothes. 

Peanut will be here very soon!

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