Saturday, March 1, 2014

re-gifting party: the gift that keeps on giving

We had our annual sorority re-gifting party!!!  Where someone else's Christmas trash, is another woman's Christmas treasure! We had some bad gifts, then some good ones. 

The group

Carey with her scarf

And the shawl! Christy got it again! Only present that can be regifted! 
Such a fun time! My favorite party of the year. 

I was double booked that night for parties. Luckily my ADPi  party started at 5 and the other party started at 7. So the next party was my friends Jessica and Jeff's engagement part. It was fun!

Jessica, the guest of honor is in the polka dots. She said she is so excited to be in the wives club! All of our hubbys are good friends. And we all have babies! Well, except Jessica.
We have.....Rachel, Summer, Kristy, Katie, Jen, Jessica, me! Love these girls! 

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