Saturday, March 1, 2014

january fun: the zoo and casinos!

January was mostly cold but we had a few days with temps in the 60s. So we took advantage of it and went to the zoo with Leah and Josh.

Jonah's 2nd time at the zoo. He enjoyed it a little more this time since he was 14 months. Well, he liked people watching the best! I'm about 34 weeks pregnant with peanut here.

Looking at the sea lions

 Back to people watching

 Kyle and I were both off for MLK day so we decided to do a stay-cation at the casinos. Reasons why I like the casinos. 1. the buffet! 2. the pool! I needed to be weight-less! I think we might be the only people that go and don't gamble. We did this when I was pregnant with Jonah so why not do it again with peanut. We got a room at the Fitz and I must say, I won't go back. The in-laws came up so Kyle and I stayed the night while they kept Jonah. They came with to the casinos with Jonah so that he could swim and eat. 

So, there are only 2 casinos that have indoor pools. I wanted Jonah to have a little fun. Well, somehow I missed the memo that kids aren't allowed in the pool (at the Fitz). Security kicked him out. Boo! But at least he got 15 minutes in. Another reason I won't go back to the Fitz...we had to move rooms due to the non-smoking floor having smoke in it and food crumbs on our bed. But we did get free buffets out of it! 

Jonah loved the lights and sounds as we walked thru the casinos to the buffet. 

He also loved playing with the A.C. unit!
After we ate, Nana and Pops took him home and Kyle and I stayed. We went swimming and watched t.v. Then the next morning, we ate again! 

Jonah's 15 month check-up
We had to get shots, so he's watching the wheel to prepare!
He was 32 inches long
26 pounds
He loves to play with Boomer and Bailey. He chases them.

Here are some snapshots of the fun we had during the month.
 He likes to lay on Bailey's bed.

He loves to give the fish face
He is in and out of veggie food strikes. One day he loves them, one day he hates them. Today he hated them so I had to mix them with cottage cheese.

He rarely cuddles, so I will put the wheel on so that he will sit with me! It's the only show I let him watch. I love my Fridays off with him. 

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