Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ice ice baby: charlie's birthing story

Thanks Elizabeth for the pic!

I was due on Monday, March 3, 2014. And it iced and snowed that day. It is so amazing how God works His wonders. I knew I had to be induced and I couldn't decide which doctor I wanted to deliver Charlie. One doctor delivers on Mondays and one does Tuesdays. So I told the scheduler that either day was fine and to let the hospital decide. They decided Tuesday, March 4 was better. Glad they did because we had ice on the 3rd! However, my other doctor came to check on me and said I left him!

Do you see the panic meter? I had a feeling that I would not go into labor but I still was a little nervous! This is my 2nd birth and all. 

Our last night as a family of 3 and Jonah's life is forever changed. I rocked him to sleep and cried. Ah...pregnant hormones!

We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am. We left the house a little early just in case. We did see some black ice. My MIL went ahead and came up Sunday instead of Monday in case it was too bad. She kept Jonah while I was in labor.
Ready to go! 

My goal was to have a baby! And I did!

You know my mom was there by 7am. She just couldn't help herself. 

Lisa, you're next! You should've stayed and taking the live birthing class!

My FIL came up that day so my in-laws brought Jonah around 4. 

7:09am-they broke my water. I was at 1cm and -3
10am-I was around 3cm
12 noon: 4cm and my doc told me to get my epidural. I think that since I had kidney stones right after I had Jonah, being at 4cm was no biggie. Kidney stones was much worse than child birth. 
3pm: At 5cm and -1
4:45pm-still hanging at 5cm. Doc was starting the section talk with me. I was not happy since baby and I were both fine. 
6:15pm-I was stressed! He checked me and I was 10cm and +1. I was in shock and so was he. It was go time! My in-laws were about to leave when Kyle called and told them to stay!! 
6:26pm-started pushing. Jessica (my L&D friend had to leave for 2 hours so she missed it!) Marianna (my other L&D friend) made it back from dinner just in time.
6:36pm-Charlie was born! 

I was in total shock about what just went down. I pushed for only 10 minutes, about 6 times. The same thing happened to Jonah but I had to push for 1 1/2 hours for him! These babies love my uterus! 

My sweet miracle!

Getting his foot prints.

He did a great job!

So sweet!

And friends, this is what labor and delivery looks like! Swollen face and all. So happy to have all that extra amniotic fluid out of me! 

He'd rather be all cozy...

Dr and my birthing team!

So happy!


Granny meeting Charlie

1st bath

not excited about bath time

Charles Lewis McCoy
7 lbs 15 oz
21 1/4 inches
March 4, 2014

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  1. He is absolutely precious! You look amazing!

    Congratulations again!