Tuesday, March 25, 2014

hanging in the hospital

After Charlie's birth, we went to post pardum. I had the best nurses. This time around, I didn't send Charlie to the nursery. With Jonah, I was freaked out about his sneezing. Now I know it is normal for babies to sneeze after birth.

A very tired daddy, but happy daddy!

he passed his hearing test! 

Nana loves him!

So does Pops!

Jonah really doesn't know what to think.

Our 1st family photo as a family of 4!

Dr. Stiles checking on Charlie.

Aunt Cindy, Betsy, and Lisa came to get some Charlie snuggles!

Uncle Josh and Aunt Leah!!

Aunt Kristy loves her McBoys!


A very tired and happy mom!

I love him

Charlie is named after my dad and granddad. So I love this pic b/c my dad is holding his namesake in the background. We don't have a nursery yet but when we do one, I want to do the peanuts theme. I got this cute idea for the Charlie Brown "C" from pinterest. And I made it myself! After I did it, I realized that the chevron looks like a it says CM! 

such a sweet face

Charlie wearing Kyle's going home outfit from 1982

he was over it

baby hands

baby feet

I love babies!

especially this one! 

Charlie with his "sign-in" picture!


About to head home.

My friend Carey came right as we were about be discharged. It was great because she helped us get loaded to the car. And she took some pics...
So we acted like she was the paparazzi!

NOOOOO don't take our picture! Can't you give us our privacy?! ha!

Ready start our new normal

We are so thankful that we had an amazing delivery! We have the best family and friends!

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