Saturday, March 1, 2014

new years eve at the liberty bowl

On New Year's Adam (the day before New Year's Eve) we all met up at the Rendezvous for dinner. I walked from work and met the in-laws there. 

Whooo hooo I'm swollen. Plus I was not feeling well. I was 32 weeks in this picture. Our matching hats were given to us by Aunt Connie. I love it!

Jonah's 1st Rendezvous trip at 14 months! There were a ton of MSU fans there because of the pre-bowl game activities. So happy it was in Memphis so we did not have to travel out of town for it. I could hear the parade from my office early that day.

New Year's Eve my parents came over to keep Jonah. They did not mind one bit!
me and Fergie tailgating beforehand

Fergie and Kyle

Nana and Pops ready for the game

Leah and Josh-they are officially living in our county! Jonah is so excited to have his Aunt and Uncle so close.

I had a hard time sitting through the game. At least the Bulldogs won so the family was happy! What a good wife I am....32 weeks pregnant, half way sick, going to a cold game. I need my award! haha! 

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