Monday, January 17, 2011

ebony and ivory

I became a doggie mom when I got married in 2008. I love dogs but didn't want one when I was single. Mainly because I was gone so much and I would have felt bad leaving them all the time. I married Kyle and got 2 dogs in the process. I've grown to love them so very much! So much that I needed to post a lot of pictures of our children! 

Meet Bailey!  She is from the Collierville Animal Shelter
She just turned 4 and we think she's a chow/golden retriever/great pyrenees mix. I don't like calling her a mutt! She about 45 lbs and is very calm, gentle, fluffy, and loves to be around people.   

Meet Boomer!  Kyle got him in college from a girl at his work that didn't want him.
He turned 7 last October and is a Miniature Pincher (min pin). He is the opposite from Bailey. He is about 20 lbs (most min pins are 8 to 12 lbs) and is semi hyper, eats everyones food, stubborn, high maintenance, and loves to lay in any "ladies" lap.  

Supposedly, Boomer was a hell child when he was a puppy. Kyle says he is really glad I did not know Boomer when he was a pup. When Boomer is bad, Kyle says "if you only knew him when...this is nothing." Boomer is not a fan of bath time.

Sometimes we shave Bailey in the summer so she is cooler.

Boomer really hates taking outside baths.  I usually heat the water so it is not so cold.

And Bailey goes with the flow. 

Bailey is a great travel dog!  She is so very sweet!

She is all dressed up! I think she looks like a polar bear so she has the nickname "bear."

She does like sleeping on her back.

Boomer is mostly a good dog.  He loves to get his belly rubbed! He has a king-size homemade bed. And sleeps under the covers.

He is a stud muffin all the way! 

Bailey sometimes will take a break on Boomer's king-size bed.

Look at her cute bows the groomer put in her hair after they shaved her! They stayed in for about 2 days before she took them out.

This video was taken when we 1st got married. It is of Boomer "dancing" to the song Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. It is such a 'Boomer' song!

My Bailey Bear loves to play fetch, but only with her purple ball.

Boomer loves to relax. 

He also likes to look out to the other side of the fence.

Here is what it looks like from the other side when he's looking out!

They are great protectors!

I took a pic of bear from her peep hole as well.

I love this picture of her and it shows off her spotted black, chow tongue! 

We always have bones in the house.

I could not resist getting Boom this shirt! He's such a killer!

He really is a sweet dog! This reminds me of the Travelers Insurance commercial. And one of my favorite singer/song writers is singing in the background, Ray Lamontagne.

They get along great! 

Sweet Bailey Bear

I had to post this as well!

I'm so excited! We taught Boomer how to sit AND shake!  You can teach an old dog new tricks!

I was trying to get some work done from home however, these dogs needed some lovin'.

This is a usual spot for my lap!

She loves the snow, another reason why I call her bear!!

This heater is for Boomer. I think it gets him through the winter time. Kyle wanted to see what it was like from Boomer's point of view! HA! 
I do love my Ebony and Ivory! They are both opposites in every way possible, all the way down to the color of their fur! But they make the best dogs! I wouldn't trade them!

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