Sunday, January 16, 2011

snow white

...and the 4 builders. Never mind, make that 2. Boomer and Bailey didn't really help build our snowman. Our 1st snow of the year was very pretty. I think we got 4 inches.

 Kyle is working hard!  He should be, they cancelled his work for the day!

 I needed a break!

So our snowman was leaning a bit to the right.  The leaning tower of snowmen!  He lived up to his name because he fell over about 2 hours later!

He was a little frumpy looking.  My Bailey Bear LOVED the snow! 

 Mr. Boom, not so much. I think his optimal outside temperature is about 78 degrees.

Kyle and I shoveled the driveway thinking it would refreeze to ice later in the night. That is some hard work! The media in our town goes crazy when there is expected snow. They interview people at the grocery store asking them how they feel about the snow, do they have enough food. It gets on my last nerve!
In honor of the media being so obsessive about everyone having enough bread and milk, I took a picture of Kyle with our bread and milk! However, they were both about 1 1/2 weeks old. Whew, sure glad we were not snowed in for 2 weeks! We wouldn't have made it!

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