Tuesday, January 18, 2011

food for finance

I've decided to have a segment on our blog called (healthy) food for finance. For one, it will keep us accountable to being physically and financially fit. (I say "us" referring to Kyle and I but, I'm the main one who writes on here. However, I always have Kyle read it and add to it!) If I ever throw my hands in the air and say to myself "why are we doing this?" I can look back at these postings and say "that is why!" Secondly, I see a strong correlation between the two. My goal is to document our "marathon" of a journey and our thoughts of fitness and finance!  Kyle and I talk about both of these subjects all the time. I kind of feel like they are a marriage. It doesn't just magically happen, you have to work at it. The movie Forrest Gump comes to mind. Instead of Kyle and I going together like peas and carrots, we go together like fitness and finance. I personally think we go together like peanut butter and chocolate but for the sake of this post, I'll stick to my original statement!

Food for Finance: I am so thankful that Kyle and I are on the same page financially!  It has avoided us from having many fights. We have the same bank account so all the money we have is our money.  We also communicate very well with each other. We actually sit down and talk about our budget.  I must confess, neither of us had a written budget before we were married. Kyle bought the The Total Money Makeover  by Dave Ramsey before we were married but didn't read it until after we were married.  I will save that topic for another post.  We are also on the same page about eating healthy and exercising.  I've blogged many times on Kyle's weight loss and he credits me to a lot of his success. He does that because he had an encouraging person living with him and accountability! If he fell, I was there to pick him up!  Now Kyle helps me!  He runs faster than me now and can say 'NO' to sweets a lot better than I can!  Thanks for returning the favor Kyle! Speaking of being healthy...

Kyle and I at the Memphis Runners Track Club holiday party that was held Saturday night.

We got in free because we signed up for the road race series, which cost us $55 a piece.  We had the option to run 10 races, get a long sleeve dry fit running shirt, and a meal/party!  Talk about food for finance! You can't beat that price!  They have this event every year.  It is held at Woodland Hills....that is where I had my prom!  I've never been in a room where there were so many fit people and all the talk was "my pace was a 8:13" and "did he qualify for Boston?" A room full of people who think it is totally normal to run when it is 14 degrees outside! There were so many people! It was catered, with pasta of course!  There was an awards ceremony and a DJ with dancing afterwards.  We met our friends Chris and Lauren there and had a great time! Lauren and I got down dancing to the electric slide! Oh I almost forgot....

 We also got this nifty car seat cover since we finished at least 6 of the 10 races.  After a summer run when it is sizzling hot outside, you can sit in your car and not sweat on your car seat.  55 dollars well spent!  And it went to a good cause. You are considered to be a "road warrior" if you run all 10 races. Then you get a trophy and another prize!
I can't wait to gather more of my thoughts and jot them down on here.  I have so many thoughts on these two topics! Be on the lookout cyber space!!

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