Friday, February 7, 2014

beach bums

Jonah had his 1st beach experience last October. 

Jonah and Eli-the beach bums

I was talking to Steph one day last summer...and come to find out...they were going to the same beach the same week we were! So we managed to see each other for a play date or 2. 

We stayed a full week! 

I had to dress Jonah for the part. He is just too cute for his own good! We drove down on a Saturday night so we went grocery shopping Sunday morning.

Then Jonah hit the pool!

Happy boy!

He wasn't sure about the sand.

or the water.

Later, we went out to eat at Colbalt's

Picture time after dinner. My cutie. 

Family picture!

Now it's time for Jonah's 1st full day on the beach.....

He's ready!

Still warming up to the idea of the ocean water. 

Our view. We stayed in Perdido Key, Fl. It was a great condo!

Pops came down on Wednesday night. So did the Betts family.
We met some family friends for dinner at Cosmo's. Jonah did great! 

The next night we went to the Shrimp Fest. We met up with the Betts family for a bit.
Our boys are best buds!

I mean, look how cute they are!

The next night, we did an impromptu photo shoot. 
Turned out great!

My favorite picture from the whole trip. Jonah sitting on peanut!
 Jonah (12 months) Peanut (19 weeks gestation)

silly boy

My favorite of my boys

Jonah says "hey, I like this vacation stuff."


We had perfect weather. It was in the 70s.

Jonah is now used to the beach life. We must consider a move!

I love my little boy!

He even learned how to take nap on the beach. This was a daily thing for him. 

Jonah is on the right...see him snoozing. Ocean breeze, natural ocean sound machine...this is the life!

He loved the pool too! 

Kyle brought Jonah over to the Betts' beach spot that was only 1/4th of a mile from ours! The boys played some!

Our last day....

At this point, Jonah wanted to swim off in the ocean. He loved the waves! 

Kyle and I went on a date night the last night. Beforehand we stopped by the Betts' condo to take family pictures. 
 Like I said, I like our impromptu pictures better. I had no make-up on and hair pulled back. Always works that way!

Our sweet family of 3.5 (peanut on the grow in-utero)

Aunt Leah and Uncle Josh could not come but we still had a blast on the McCoy family beach trip. October is the month to go! The beach did dodge a hurricane...close call.

Kyle and I went out to Flippers to eat, then to the Gulf to hang out afterwards on our date.
The Gulf was the coolest place. I highly recommend you trying it out if you are in the Orange Beach, Al area! 

Jonah had a great time and so did we. We love taking family vacations and can't wait to add peanut to our next trip! 

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