Monday, February 17, 2014

Jonah turns ONE: Whalecome to my party # 2

On Oct 1st, Jonah turned ONE! We had to reschedule his party due to most of the family getting the tummy bug. So we had his Meridian party (Kyle's side) the date it was scheduled. It ended up working out well. The weekend we had his party scheduled, it ended up raining and we had everything planned outside. But the day we rescheduled, it was a beautiful day! All went well!

Jonah in my high chair from when I was little. 

I took weekly pics of Jonah and monthly pics. Turned out well. 
Cameron make the cute "all about me" poster!  

And she made these fab whale cupcakes! I ended up having to freeze them b/c we had to reschedule. And...I made the spouts! I am a baker!! Who knew?

Pinterest REALLY makes me look creative! 
This was so easy! 
powdered donuts=blowholes
gummy worms=fish bait

sausage balls=beach balls
pigs in a blanket=sea snails

pretzel sticks=drift wood
whale gold fish=fish

ranch dip=blubber dip

this was a smash cake left over from the Meridian party. It went well with my decor!

my yummy texas caviar=caviar

sugar-free raspberry/blueberry kool-aid=ocean water

Jonah and Boomer ready for the party

Aunt Rita hanging out with Eli & Jonah

The party begins!

Jonah and Aunt Fergie

Randi's babies (Jonah's nanny) 
Olivia, Ele, Eli, Jonah

he's had practice so he knows how to eat a cupcake


peanut and Jonah

my big boy!

granny and granddaddy

Korbyn and her parents

my family. 

Jonah loved all his presents!

Such a great time!

Ray pulling the babies

We are so blessed to have so many people who love us and Jonah. 

Another reason we were so glad to reschedule the party. We had our 20 week ultra sound and check-up. So that meant that we could do a gender reveal as well. Since Jonah did share his birthday party, I will do a separate post for the peanut gender reveal. It just made sense because we had everyone there!

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