Tuesday, February 18, 2014

jonah 12 months and October re-cap

He turned one on Oct 1st, his golden birthday. 

Poor guy had some tummy issues he was dealing with. But he went to Rara's and had a fun day!

Daddy took him out to eat yogurt after  he picked him up. He was in a great mood!

Last of our monthly pictures. Made me so sad.

During his 12th month he started gettin more confient with his steps. He'd take about 2 steps.
He went to the beach for the 1st time
Swam in a big pool for the 1st time
He started to push his push toy all around the house pooped in the bath tub. Now that was fun!
1st time in the church nursery. 

This is from September when we had our one year old pics done. He would not crack a smile!

So...this was J's 1st time in the church nursery. He slept on this lovely lady the whole time. He was not happy about it. I didn't take him to the nursery for the 1st 6 months b/c I didn't want him getting RSV. I used to work in the ED and the church nursery is the worst for little ones. I know better! Then I got pregnant and just could not get up to go to church for a while so he stayed with me. Finally, I let him go and I must say I did well! He still cries when I take him but he does that everywhere he goes. 

12 month check-up
And this is how it went! He was everywhere!
31 inches tall
24.8 lbs

We went to the Olive Branch fall fest. Kyle had a work booth set up so we went for a visit.

Next up Halloween!
He was a lion! 

It rained all day so our church fall fest was moved inside and it was CRAZY packed! 

His outfit was a little small but it was borrowed from a friend. Hey, it did the job!

my sweet lion

see how short it was? Would not even button up!

Jonah is growing up so fast, just as everyone told me he would. So much happens in the 1st year of life. I try to take each day and make the most of it! 

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