Monday, February 17, 2014

jonah turns ONE (party 1)

On Oct 1st, my Jonah turned one. 
We had a BIG party planned for the weekend before. But illness got in the way and we had to reschedule the day before the party for the middle of October. The good news is that the very next weekend, we had a party planned for Kyle's side of the family in Meridian and it went on without a hitch! 

the birthday boy himself!

he's over pictures!

the host and hostess, nana and pops!

Jonah with Kyle's nanny, Flo!

It took him a while to get into the cupcake. 
He is a thinker, to which I'm thankful!


His 1st taste of sweets! He likes!

opening presents.

he loved them all

the family!

more  family! 

Annlea and Jonah in his wagon that nana and pops got him.

We are truly blessed by all of our family and friends. Jonah got more than he needed.  

After the party, we left to go to the beach! (I posted before this one.) It was rainy and we had a threat of a hurricane but it didn't come and we had the best time. My in-laws live 3 1/2 hours away from the beach. It's nice! Jonah finally went to sleep right when we turned on the road to get to the condo. I think it was on a sugar high! 

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