Monday, February 17, 2014

gender reveal for peanut: it's another McBoy!

During Jonah's rescheduled birthday party, we had a gender reveal for baby peanut. It worked out well. We had our 20 week ultra sound the week of the reschedule bday party. Only the ultra sound tech and the lady at the balloon place knew what peanut was. It made sense to do it at Jonah's party because our friends and family were already there! Since they had to already share a big event, the least I could do is give them separate blog posts!

I dressed in blue (just because I had a feeling I'd have boys) and Kyle in pink (he thinks he'd be a perfect daddy of girls). 

I got the balloons the day before and was so scared that they would no longer float! 

And the score is: Angie 2 Kyle 0
I am in the lead! 

Half the balloons floated away, half did not!

Looking in the envelope! 

I think all the excitement scared poor Jonah. Or maybe he is sad that he is not getting a baby sister. 

Or maybe he realizes that he will have to share everything! Or maybe peanut's reveal trumped his big day? I dunno but he was not happy!

He calmed down once he got in daddy's arms. We are thrilled to have another boy. 

Our prayer for them is that they will be the best of friends. If I go until 40 weeks, they will be 17 months apart. We are so blessed and can't wait to have a full house!

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