Sunday, February 23, 2014

december happenings: part 1

December was a busy month, as always! Jonah turned 14 months. 

Daddy is teaching Jonah how to be a wonderful husband!

We has some friends over to hang out. 
So Eli came and the boys had fun!

Aunt Betsy got J a cute spider man had and tie!

How cute are these boys?!

Time to get pictures with Santa!
Peanut sure makes me look very large! 

Jonah had fun walking around

He is so sweet!

And the Jonah look. We took him away from watching the train so I think he was just taking it all in.

Next up is Eli's 1st bday party
Jonah had even more fun!

Jonah showing off his walking skills

Partying with the bday boy Eli!

Fun times!

The Christmas parties are next. Kyle and I at the Peabody for a work event. 
So this dress is a dress that I've worn to like 5 parties. The only maternity "dressy" dress that I had. So this dress will appear a lot!

Jonah went to Kyle's work party all dressed up like an elf while I went to a bachelorette party. 

Speaking of the bachelorette, her wedding was the weekend before Christmas. I was so excited because it was in Martin where my college is! 
We facetime'd Lisa in England so that she could be apart of Shelly's big day. We all stayed at Cindy and Betsy's parents home right outside Martin.

Shelly married Adam. Her new last name is White. I had a hayday with all the "White" wedding jokes! I'm dreaming of a WHITE Chritmas.  Adam, you're pretty fly for a WHITE guy, and the list of songs continued!
Here is the dress again! 

 My Jackson friends-Holly & Amanda

Peanut is growing!

Shelly and Adam had an inspiration table. These are couples that have inspired them with their marrage. I was so honored when Shelly asked Kyle and I be apart of this table. Such a cute idea. 

We filled out a card with our advice. We were the youngest couple on the table with other couples that have been married for 50 plus years! Like I said, we were so honored and were happy to share what makes us thrive! I do love my Kyle and am happy that we can inspire others! The pressure is on though! HA!!

The Whites!

My favorite picture from the wedding

 It was bad weather after the wedding and Kyle and I could barely see to get back to our baby at the Brasher's house. 
We made it back in the sideways rain. Then played with the babies!

Betsy reading to Jonah

We left Sunday morning and made it in time to eat lunch at my parents church. 
How cute is Jonah and my parents?!

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