Sunday, September 9, 2012

happy 4th: mini-babymoon

Since the 4th of July was in the middle of the week, Kyle and I decided to drive to Tunica and have us a mini-babymoon. Rooms are super cheap during the week. After work on Tuesday, we left and checked in our room. Tunica is only about 30 minutes from us.

We stayed at Harrah's (not the casino side but the convention center side) because the whole point was to be pool side.

Our mini-babymoon view!

The morning of the 4th we went to work out.

Kyle airing up my float so that I could lay on my belly. It was amazing...

Then we went to the pool!

It was hot and the pool felt great!
After the pool we showered and ate dinner at the Horseshow casino. YUM! We then came home and went to bed. We thought about going to see the fireworks but we were to pooped from the sun. We are party animals.


We got up early the next morning and went to work. We had a great mid-week trip. I think it is funny we went to a casino and didn't even gamble.

 Happy 4th of July! I'll take any day off that I can...even if it's in the middle of the week.

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