Tuesday, December 14, 2010

soybean festival

I really wanted Kyle to expereince the Tennessee soybean festival. It is held in Martin (hometown of my college) in September every year. My friend Shelly grew up in Martin so Kyle and I went home with her for a whirlwind visit!

 Shelly is reserving a parking spot!  I am so sad that I didn't take a picture of the Dane's house.  It is so pretty and relaxing!  Shelly's family is so very sweet and I could vacation at their house all the time! 

We arrived on Friday night.  I really talked up the Soybean Festival and in college it reminded me of the movie Hope Floats. This was my *second chance* to show off my college town to Kyle.  He's only been one other time!

Well, things have changed.  When I went in college, we went to the Soybean Festival during the week nights. UTM is a suitcase college and a lot of students go home on the weekends.  Friday night was for the locals and surrounding towns (we discovered).  Different crowd!  But still fun!  And they've added rides.  Kind of like the fair. AND a BBQ cookoff!  It sure has grown! Kyle would LOVE to enter in the cook off. I bet one day he'll be in one of some sort.

We walked around downtown Martin and they now have a coffee shop! We saw an art gallery and look at this true statement I found while viewing some local art.

 Shelly and I are *holding on loosely*  to hear .38 Special!   

We could only stay one night and of course we missed John Michael Montgomery (he played Saturday night)!! That brings back memories of jr high. (sigh) We had to settle for .38 special.  Kyle was so *caught up in you*  little 8 point buck...he was blocking Kyle's view! Over all, it was a fun time...we just needed more time in Martin than 16 hours! And I ran into some old college friends. Thanks to the Dane's for being great hosts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Please tell me that you got my 38 special song references throughout this post! Can you name the 3??!! Hint: *song reference*

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