Sunday, December 26, 2010

just another american saturday night

Ok, ok so it was a Thursday and Friday night but I REALLY wanted to incorporate a Brad Paisley song in my title. Here is why:

Last month, Kyle called me and said he could get $10 club level seats to the Brad Paisley show through his company. With ticket master's crazy fees, it ended up being around $19 a person. Since we're on the Dave Ramsey plan, this was something we couldn't pass up! Totally in the budget!  We went with Brian and Rachel, Chris and Lauren , & Greg and Katie.

Darius Rucker opened up for him!  HOOTIE! He sang some Hootie songs and covered Purple Rain!

He was amazing! Lots of Hootie fans in the audience. Look, can't you see them in the audience saying "hold my hand" Hootie!

We are waiting for Brad to come out.  We've both seen him 2 times prior to this show. I don't listen to a lot of country music but I really enjoy Brad's song writing and his shows. He has the best sense of humor!

Speaking of his sense of humor, he came out to the middle of the audience and plopped down on the diving board to sing a few songs.

Now he is tiny! Fits right in Kyle's hand!

So glad he finally won entertainer of the year because his shows are great! Someone who had no idea who he was would love his show!  See that life-size Brad behind the bar?! Funny!

The next night was the preview party for the Enchanted Forest. It is a fund raiser for Le Bonheur and I am a member of TWIGS who help plan the party.
 The forest opens up to the public the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The party was the night prior. There were ginger bread houses, trees, etc.

Different people enter in the tree contest and my department at work always docorates a tree.  Our theme was Candy land! It was very cute! 

My friend Sarah donated these YUMMY cupcakes! You need to order some of her cupcakes from Monkey Bread Bakery!! You won't regret it!

There is also a silent auction and my friends Steph and Ray came. They donated a picture frame from their side business, Travel Home Designs.

Jen and Leon: Jen always helps out so much with our tree!
She is very creative and can cook like no one else! 

 Lauren and Chris came to support this great cause!

Jenni, one of my running/work buddies!

Me and Jen

Some of the TWIGS and most of them work with me! It was a fun night a lot of money was raised for Le Bonheur! The forest is still open until New Years! Come on by!

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