Saturday, December 11, 2010

are you ready for some football?

Kyle bought 1 Mississippi State season ticket for the 2010 season.  He went to all the games.  I only made 3. I do like going and EATING!

Opening game was against the Memphis Tigers labor day weekend.

Fergie and Krsity came down for the event and was sporting their Bulldog swag! 

I tried to be neutral by wearing while and grey with a touch of tiger paw earrings!

My 1st cousin Brett, aka Brett-e-pooh (sorry Brett!). He is a loyal Tiger fan!

Brett-e-pooh and Fergie playing cornhole.  I got an action shot!

Glad I was wearing my Tiger paw earrings b/c Kristy and I saw Angel Garcia from the Tiger basketball team! I was even on my tip toes! He is very excited about a new year!
However, the Tiger football team is in a "rebuilding" year.  The bulldogs killed them.

Next game I went to was the Georgia game. My friend from work Jen (and her husband Leon) came down with us.  They are Ohio State fans and she brought some Buckeyes. WOW!  I was in heaven. They were chocolate peanut butter balls!

It was SO hot that day. Look at Jen and her Bulldog swag.

Leon looks super excited!  And he is!

He even bought a cowbell for the event.  When in Starkville, do as the Starkvillians??

Coach Kyle in action. All he needs is a whistle. 

So I've had a hard time adjusting to the cowbell.   The 1st time I went to a MSU game, I had a bad experience with a 50 year-old drunk man beating his cowbell against the metal bleachers.  Of course he was escorted out and most fans don't go that far.  I don't recommend people with frequent migraines go to a game.  (sorry Jen!).  However, I think it is a neat tradition.  And when they came out with the respect the bell campaign, I was super excited!  I can take it in small doses! And you better believe Kyle follows the rules!  Well only because he wants to keep the tradition before the cowbell gets banned! 
Remember:  ring responsibly!!

The Perrys and the McCoys!  Let me just tell you that it took 5 times to take this picture!  I asked a lady to take it and she looked at my camera backwards.  Then it just got worse.  Basically, she took a picture of our knees. So then I asked a man to take our picture and I'm pretty sure it was her son.  I tried to do this discretely, about 5 minutes later.  Then the original lady turned around and said "I'm sorry I didn't take a good picture" and I said "oh I was blinking!" Yup, I lied!

Last State game I went to was homecoming against UAB.

Kyle and the back of the jumbo tron! As Kyle calls it "a 60 inch tv in a trailer!"

My friend Lauren.  She's fun!

Us with Mr. Tony, he is Kyle's season ticket friend! (and family friend).  He is the biggest fan I know.  He drives from Atlanta to most MSU games. And drives half way back the same day!

More football for me!  We celebrated Kristy's bday by tailgating at the Memphis vs. Tennessee game. I like games that are in town!
The last Memphis game was in Starkville and I wore Tiger paw earrings. Since I went to a UT school, I had to support the Vols. No paws this time (if I did they would be for Smokey). I love that the host is a UT fan but has a Memphis tent! We are confused fans!

Look, we are *tailgating*

Me, Steph, and Apey-college buds!

The girls with the bday girl!

Kyle and I stayed till half time.  It got ugly for Memphis.  The next time we will be at the Liberty Bowl will be for the MSU vs U of M game next labor day. Maybe we can tailgate with Brett-e-pooh at tiger lane.

Marianna had some serious static with the pom pons!

I CAN NOT wait for the 2011 football season.  Why?  Because Mississippi State is playing UT Martin in November! AHHHHHH!!! Our colleges collide!  MSU vs UTM 2011

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