Thursday, December 23, 2010

all because two people fell in love

My parents live about 40 minutes away from us. Not that far.  But far enough for them to come down to our house and stay the night sometimes.  Kyle's parents are about 4 hours from us.  However, during football season, they are only about 2.5 hours away.  They have a ball game house (I call it the vacation home) in Starkville and we see them a lot during the fall.  Another reason I love going to football games!  Kyle and I are very blessed that both of our parents are still married.  That is rare thing these days.
My parents by the Mississippi river! 
That is where my dad proposed to my mom! They came down on a Friday night this past fall and we took them to the Memphis Farmers Market the next morning.  They loved it!  And so do we.  I always see someone I know when I go. We like to support local farmers and try to go every Saturday when we're in town. We also went to Wayne's Candy store. My parents went all the time growing up and wanted to take us there. It was like going toWilly Wonka's! It's a hidden Memphis treasure!

The very next weekend, we went to see Kyle's Mimi. She lives about 3 hours from us. Whenever I go and stay with her, I sleep like a baby!

My sister-in-law came down as well.  

Mimi's pet peeve: She does not like it when anyone wears shorts when we go out to eat. We are suppose to dress up. Doesn't matter where we go. I've been in trouble a couple of times! We went to Logans last summer and I wore shorts. I rebelled!  This is how the conversation usually goes: She will say "are you going to wear that?" I say "yes Mimi." Then she gives me the look.  She is a southern belle all the way. I decided I'd better stay on her good side and changed into my jeans!! We always have a good time when we go see Mimi and Aunt Elosie aka the golden girls! They are a hoot! There is never a dull moment!

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