Saturday, August 25, 2012

happy "expecting" mother's day

For Mother's Day, Kyle went to see his mom in Meridian and my mom and I went to Starkville for a little get-a-way at the McCoy game day house.

We relaxed and watched t.v. Then we went to the shops downtown and shopped, then got poured on! But it was still fun to show mom around the city that Kyle loves so very much.

Kyle came through Starkville on Mother's day and gave me this!
At this time, I was coming down from my carb high. So he got me an emergency Chick-fil-a gift for when I needed my fix.

I asked him "who told you to do this?" He was offended! I've gotten a Mother's Day card in the past from my pups so I took it back. He remembers special days and is a big planner! Knowing him, he got this 2 weeks before Mother's day! I love him!

Kyle brought Boomer by to see me! Kyle took Boom with him and I kept Bailey with me.

I was about 21 weeks here. Mom loves touching my belly. Just you watch, every picture she does the same thing!
Happy Mother's Day to all past, present, and future moms!

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