Wednesday, August 29, 2012

yippie for hippies!

Sometimes, some of my friends call me granola. Sometimes I feel like a tree hugger. Someone told Kyle they see us living in mid-town with all the hipsters! I like it! Just because we recycle, grow our own food and now we're a compost owner, doesn't make us earthy. We just want to do our part and help out the earth and you know saves us money! HA!

In May, we bought a compost.

See that duck tape on the right? Well, we bought this off the floor and saw a crack in it. Kyle asked and we got a discount because of the damaged goods (duck tape cures everything)! I researched and like this kind the best. Now we have our own dirt made out of our scrapes!

The garden: a 4 year plan

Every year, our garden doesn't do the best. Finally after 4 years, we decided to take our neighbor's advice and put newspaper down so that the weeds would not kill our harvest.

We put dirt on top of the newspaper. It worked GREAT! We had lots of results! Our tomatoes look like tomatoes!!! Just think how awesome our garden will be in 20 years! We'll be pros! I hate that I don't have a picture of our garden in full bloom! It was out of control! Next year we hope to have an even better garden with our homemade dirt!

Here is our recycle bin! I love it! I just wish the recycle would come one time a week and that the trash would come two times a month. We have more recycle than trash. 

Next I'll use cloth really I want to. But I want to get having a human to take care of in order 1st (breastfeeding-another hippie quaility!), then try it out. Ok, Ok, it is true...
You might be earthy if......

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