Tuesday, August 21, 2012

tying the knot

The same weekend as my reveal party and April's shower, my dear friend Cindy got married. It was the 1st Sunday in May is was in the 90s. It was HOT! And I was 20 weeks pregnant.

She had her wedding at the Levitt Shell. Such a fun place!

The dads! Ray and Kyle (Steph was barely prenant and I was one of the few that knew all about it!)

Lisa-Randi-me-half of Steph.

Randi told us to move to the stage. Here is a picture of all the people that found a seat under the shade trees!

Upgraded to the stage!

the bride's wedding party
I loved that Cindy and Kyle (what an awesome name for a husband!) had boys and girls in their wedding party!

Cindy and Kyle waving at the hot crowd

During the wedding, Steph leaned over to me and said I can't take it anymore so we moved to the shade (mind you she was only about 8 weeks or so and no one knew-I was her excuse to move). Then I got hot in the shade and moved. Thankfully Randi came and got us and took us to the bridal suite that had AC! We were so happy!

Every pregnant girl's dream!!! An AC on a hot day!!! These 2 are preggers as well!

the other Cindy!

the band

Reena! She's due in early October (but she had her baby 2 weeks ago and he's doing great!)

1st dance


Fun times

It finally cooled off a little

Barefoot and pregnant. Yup, we are in the south!

The get-a-way car filled with post-it notes! Cute idea!

Congrats Cindy and Kyle!

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