Thursday, August 30, 2012

i am committed!

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I have to brag on my on my husband! He gets the husband of the century award!

My 1st trimester was a big carb-fest for me. It was the only thing I could keep in my belly that made me feel better. Poor Kyle started to gain a little weight.

So he decided to go to weight watchers to lose some pounds! (he only needed to lose 10-12 pounds) He was going to do it online (to learn the new system) but then we talked about asking my mom to go. She said yes. So every Thursday, Kyle and my mom went to WW.

I have not heard of a husband that would go to WW with their MIL!! It is unheard of. And everyone in their class loved that they came every week. He melted lots of hearts. They'd say "what a great SIL you are" to Kyle. He'd just smile!

On top of that, he went to the WW meeting that is held about 1/4th of a mile from my parents. He works 20 minutes south from my parent's house and we live another 20 minutes south of that. So basically after work, he'd head the opposite way to meet mom at WW, then have to drive 40 minutes home.

That is commitment! To me, my mom, and health! This is why I love Kyle! This is why he is going to be a great dad!

One lady asked my mom if Kyle was her husband! That made her day.
Then when mom 1st signed up, she told the lady "we are having a baby". Kyle said "no, not we....her daughter and I are having a baby!" Mom said "that is what I meant!"

In June, their WW group did a 5k.

Kyle is committed to my family! And to be fit!

This made me laugh! It made their website!

The walk!

They tailgated afterwards and everyone brought healthy snacks and shared recipes!

They went to the WW meetings for 3 months until Kyle met his goal weight (he lost 14 pounds). Mom lost 16 I think. She has not started back yet but I hope she does soon. She's lost her support person but she might have me after this baby gets here!  Kyle still weighs in every Thursday and calls my mom to share his weight. It is a lifestyle change!

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