Saturday, September 1, 2012

the final fling before the ring

After I cheered off my mom and Kyle at the WW walk, I headed to Nashville with friends for April's bachelorette party. (this was McBoy's 2nd bach party!) June was a very busy month!

Our 1st stop was Arrington Vineyards! Love that place! It was a beautiful day and not too hot.

the bride!

We had a picnic in the vineyards! Shelly and I (with food in my mouth!)

me-Julie-Carol (the locals)
It was great to hang with my middle TN girls. I miss them so!

Next stop was the Vandy area. We stayed at a friend of April's beautiful condo right near Vandy.

the gang

We ate at the Cabana. It was awesome! We sat in a cabana and you can hook up your iphone and play your own tunes. I highly recommend it!
April and Kristy

The next morning, I got up and walked to Fido (A very "in" coffee shop in the Vandy area) to have a cup of Joe! How cute is my froth decor?! I didn't see any celebs but was on the lookout!

It was a fun and relaxed time.

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