Sunday, September 16, 2012

april's going away

One of my favorite people at work is moving to Georgia. April is moving to be with her family. We had a going away party for her in August. The same day I was out of town picking out baby furniture with my MIL 2.5 hours away. But I made it back in time!

The group after eating.

The only thing April wanted to do was go to Graceland Too. I've blogged about it before when she took me the 1st time and I swore I'd never go back. I went for her. Everyone needs to go just to experience it. Words cannot describe it! Paul, the owner, is a super Elivs fan. He gives tours of his crap stuff.

Danielle was REALLY scared! We had to go wake up Paul for the tour. He was in the backyard.

In mid-tour.
We were the only brave souls that went with April.

I will miss you April =( I was SO tired from my long day but it was well worth it!

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  1. I appreciate that you braved it again for me. I will and do miss you terribly.