Saturday, September 8, 2012

slideshow showdown

I wanted to surprise my family and make a slide show of my pregnancy. I thought it'd be easy. The hard part was finding a website that was easy to use. I am a non-techie girl! I went to a couple of sites and you either had to pay for it, or it was hard to use. But then I stumbled across and finally I found a user friendly site that was FREE!

Go to then click on new slide show and it walks you through it! You can upload up to 100 photos to the slide show for free.

I only had trouble with uploading a song. That was a main reason why I wanted the slide show was for the song. I then had to call my techie friend and learn how to rip a song to a MP3. It was easy if you have windows. I had to go through media player, put the cd in, then click the option to Rip the song I wanted to a MP3. I went to options and saved the MP3 to my desk top so I could find it easy after I downloaded it. I tried to use my iTunes but I could not get it to work.

If I wanted to download the slide show or make it a video on my blog (embed code) I'd have to pay. So instead here is the link to my cute slide show I made for McBoy!


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