Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meridian shower

We had our first shower for McBoy in late July. I didn't realize how many people that would show up! McBoy is loved so much already.

My SIL Leah had a suggestion box since we didn't have a name or wouldn't tell our ideas!

This is Kyle's bassinet and toys he had when he was a little one. His great Uncle Ed made the bassinet for him and we're using it for our sweet pea.

 Kyle's favorite toy when he was little!

my love

My mom got to come too.

McBoy's only aunt. Leah-you have a big job!

McBoy's great-grandmother Mimi. McBoy will be her 3rd great-grandchild.

Mimi and Annlea, great granddaughter

Lots of love!

Mississippi State sock monkey. Kyle's excited!

Someone gave my MIL a gift and the tears came flowing.

more MSU swag.

The spread. Leah made the best peanut butter and chocolate dip!

Leah serving punch.

The hostesses: MIL, Kyle's Aunt Lisa, Leah

Kyle's nanny when he was little, Flo!

We got a lot of goodies and feel very blessed!

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