Tuesday, September 18, 2012

roast and boast

The Bluff City Bulldogs had a competition in Columbus, MS in August. Kyle's mom came down to stay with me help get McBoy's room in order while Kyle was with the team smoking away!

I was not there but I will post the pics the boys took. Here is their facebook page. They are kinda big deal. They have trophies and all!

The set-up

They've won 2nd in ribs twice.

I guess they are looking at other tents?!

 Kyle and Greg-that pig scares me.

 working hard into the night

see those trophies?

Ribs are ready!

The team minus Chris.

They entered in a lot more categories than last time.
Chicken - 18th
Ribs- 9th
Pork- 7th
Brisket- 14th
Overall- 13th / 27 teams competing

They were up against some big name teams and did pretty good! Congrats guys!

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