Monday, September 17, 2012

my work shower

My work over did it! They are so sweet to me! August was shower month.
They had the cutest decorations!

I am lucky because the main people I work with are party planners and I get to benefit from it! They got their ideas off pinterest. They had a taco bar and a make your own dessert pizza cookie! YUM!

James helping me open presents. (Katherine's little one)

I got a BOB! I was shocked! Now I can get in shape after McBoy gets here! James and Allie (Julie's little one) are helping now.

The happy couple

The people that threw it together.
Katherine, Haley, Cassie, Jen, Kajuanda, Julie

It was so much fun and I really did get so much stuff that I needed. I am grateful to work with such an amazing, supportive work group!

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