Monday, September 10, 2012

food for finance: happy 200,000 miles

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I've written about our cars in the past. Kyle and I are saving to pay cash for a "newer" car. We completed Dave Ramsey's baby step 3 in February and will pause baby step 4 (we are doing some of baby step 4, we give 7% to retirement), 5, and 6 until we have our car fund in place. So we are putting on the breaks for the baby steps.  Kyle would like to get a mini-van! He loves those things and I am not sure if I can do it just yet. We both have 2002 SUVs and we really enjoy not having a car note. It is amazing. That is why we're saving cash so that we can get a "newer" car and not have a car note. Basically we are paying ourselves a car note and making 1% interest in our car account. When we have the cash and the price is right for the ride we want, we'll get it!

Until then.....we had a little mileage party. WHOO HOO!

Kyle's Tahoe turned 200,000 miles old in July.

We were on the interstate and I had to capture this moment.
199,999 and then

200,000 miles!
I am so glad I didn't cause a wreck. We are on our way to be million mile Joe (I kid!)

Our SUVs are holding up. I'll keep you posted when we get cars that are not 10 years old!

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