Friday, September 7, 2012

the real world: sea grove beach, fl

We call a group of my friends (a lot of them are transplants) the Memphis family. We planned a big trip together in June. Some came for the 1st half of the week, some the 2nd half, and some the whole time. I came the 2nd half. Kyle did not get to come. He had to save his vacation days for McBoy and plus, he already went on his guy's trip! A total of 15 people were in and out of the house thus, the real world!

Amanda and I drive down on a Wednesday.

Our GPS's told us 2 different ways to go.

And took us to a dead end. But we finally made it after asking for directions from the man in the Dollar Tree.

We got there and headed to the beach! The 1st crew was still there and were leaving the next day. Nice to spend the day with them!

Then, we had a beach dance party! We did the wobble!

2 pregnant girls dancing on the beach.

We had dinner as a family! It was amazing!

I was excited to get to go 1st. There are some perks to being pregnant!

We barely fit at the table.

All the food!

Betsy and I at dinner.

Then we took a family photo at sunset.

I missed my hubs not being there. But Ray and Leon took care of me!

Silly picture

The girls

Betsy, Emily, Cindy

McBoy-we were about to head to SeaSide for the Ingram Hill show (a Memphis based band!)

Shelly and Jen-At the show

And we got our pic taken with the lead singer. We only got to hear 2 songs but had to get a pic of our hometown hero!

Emily is moving to Arkansas to be a dentist. We'll miss her!

The next day, the 1st crew left and April and Nathan came over to spend the day while on their honeymoon! How fun that they honeymooned only 30 minutes from us! They got married the weekend before our trip in June.

The newlywed!


We cooked dinner again (I say we but I mean they) and hung out with the bride and groom.
The Brocks!

The next day was more beach time!

Leon and his Dr. Dre beats!
Let me tell you, I feel very safe with him hanging around! No one messing with us! Our body guard.

Steph and Betsy

Oh no-Leon went for a dip in the ocean and Jen is trying to save his phone!

Don't judge! It was the last of the OJ!

This is how I sleep. With tons of pillows. I am a tummy sleeper and it was an adjustment! Everyone was amazed but I gotta do what I gotta do to get some shut eye.

Amanda was in the confession room on the REAL WORLD show!

The boys bared it and went shopping with us! They are even in the 3rd row of the Pilot. Ray looks thrilled.

This is what Steph will look like in November! I never knew maternity stores had the strap on baby bump. How clever to try on clothes to see if they'll fit once you're that big!

one of our amazing cooks, Jen!

Another lovely dinner..I mean brinner (breakfast for dinner)


chocolate gravy-thanks Kristy! It is HEAVEN!
Pregnant girl approved!

Time to have a dance off! What a work out!

Ray and Leon went 1st. Brave Souls...

Amanda and Shelly

 Dance off with the pregnant girls!

Jen and Betsy have a go!

Our last night...
The girls on our balcony. We had a 3 story house. Loved it!

Shelly-"do we really have to take more pictures?" Yes, of course!

The 2nd crew!

We went to the Red Bar for our final dinner. It was awesome! Long wait, but great food. McBoy is holding the menu.

The morning we left, Tropical Storm Debby downer was on her way. Made it easier to leave when Debbby downer comes to town.
So happy she came on our way out and not on our way in. Thx Deb!

Debby coming...

Sheets from15 people!

Why must it end???????????

Before I left for my vacation, I was talking to my director at work and she was going to the same place I the same neighborhood, the same week! I ended up seeing her at the pool. But she is a person that I don't need a break from! She's great! What are the odds?!

Such a fun time with minimal arguments! ha! The confession room was not used that much! Memphis family vacation success. Only thing missing was my Kyle.

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