Saturday, September 22, 2012

pregnant planking at park(ing) day

Yesterday was Park(ing) Day again. It is where parking meters are turned into temporary parks in 162 different cities across the world. They had it right by my office. I came downstairs to find a planking park. What is planking? It is where you lay face down in an unusual location. You know what I HAD to do....

...pregnant plank!

There was a wood board between the 2 flower pots and I asked the guy if I could move it and pregnant plank. He was a little nervous. He said that the flower pots might be flimsy. The other guy was all about it! I told them I'd be careful. The flower pots were not at all flimsy! He asked when the baby was due. I said TODAY! He said that maybe the baby could come out while I planked. HA! Didn't happen. I got up from planking to find a video camera filming the whole thing. Another lady at the planking park told me my child had a very cool mom! That is indeed true!

Here what regular planking looked like at the planking park I went to. I'm glad Park(ing) Day is near my office so I can have fun during my breaks. Such a fun idea. I went back to my office and I heard someone singing opera. I think it was Theatre Memphis and they had theatre in the park.

You must go next never know what you'll find!

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